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How to safeguard your family home

You probably already know that you should have a Will, and indeed you may already have one. But the truth is, if you are married with children, a standard Will may make very little difference to who receives your assets after you have gone.

So, what’s the point!?

Well, here’s the problem, if you die first and your partner inherits your estate, what if they subsequently re-marry, change their Will, or need care in later life?? – your assets, including your share of the family home, may not pass to your children after all. [See 3 reasons article]

With our Property Protection Trust Wills you can protect your share of the family home for your children (young or old).

Let us show you how.


Our PPT Wills cost £475 (just £237.50 each) – a small price to pay to safeguard your share of the family home for your children.

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