Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Protect yourself against rising costs and make it easier for those you leave behind

Not everyone wants to think about their own funeral, it is after all a very personal and sensitive issue. However, if you are concerned about the financial and emotional stresses that naturally accompany bereavement – a funeral plan is essential.

It can be very comforting to know your funeral is taken care of and that you won’t be a burden on those you leave behind.

Summary of the main benefits of pre-paying for a funeral:

Protection against rising funeral costs

Like most things the cost of funerals has risen dramatically in recent years, but with a pre-paid funeral plan you can fix costs at today’s prices! Our entire selection of pre-paid funeral plans guarantee to cover Funeral Director’s services, regardless of future price increases, and if you are choosing to be cremated you can select a plan that guarantees to cover these costs too.

Relieve the burden on friends and family

Pre-planning and paying for your funeral is arguably one of the most thoughtful things you can do for your friends and family. Removing them of the burden of finding a Funeral Director and second guessing your wishes means they have far less to cope with during a distressing time.

You arrange the funeral director’s services and make your wishes known

With a pre-paid funeral plan there are a variety of options available so you can decide what type of funeral you want. Whether it be a simple or premium plan, you choose, rather than leave it to family members to decide on your behalf. You can even specify (if you wish) arrangements that are important to you such as readings, hymns and music. 

Flexible payment options

If you haven’t already set aside money for your funeral (and even if you have there is no guarantee this will cover the future cost) and can’t afford to pay in advance with one lump sum, don’t worry - our selection of Funeral Plan providers offer flexible payment options ranging from single payment to zero deposit fixed monthly instalments options from 1 - 25 years.

Essential Later Life Planning works independently as an agent for a selection of the UK's leading funeral plan providers to ensure you have sufficient choice and value for money.

FAQ – Can I buy a plan for a family member or friend? 

Yes, you can take out a plan for anyone else. All correspondence will be sent directly to the person arranging the plan.